Standard Drawings

  1. Irrigation-1A Irrigation Service - Two Lots (PDF)
  2. Irrigation-1B Irrigation Service - Single Lot (PDF)
  3. Sewer-1 Sewer Lateral and Details (PDF)
  4. Sewer-2 Manhole Ring and Cover (PDF)
  5. Sewer-3 Junction and Drop Manholes (PDF)
  6. Sewer-4 Pre-Fabricated Sewer Lateral (PDF)
  7. Sewer-5 Precast Concrete Sewer Manhole (PDF)
  8. Sewer-6 Grease Interceptor (PDF)
  9. Storm Drain-1 Curb Drop Inlet Standard Box (PDF)
  10. Storm Drain-2 Grate and Frame (PDF)
  11. Storm Drain-3 Sump Disposal and Oil Separator (PDF)
  12. Storm Drain-4 Curb Inlet Box - Open Face (PDF)
  13. Streets-1 Street Cross-Sections and Utility Locations - Locals (PDF)
  14. Streets-2 Street Cross-Sections and Utility Locations - Collectors Arterials (PDF)
  15. Streets-4 Sidewalk, Curb and Gutter (PDF)
  16. Streets-5 ADA Street Corners (PDF)
  17. Streets-6 Wheel Chair Ramp (PDF)
  18. Streets-7 Residential Driveway Approach (PDF)
  19. Streets-8 Commercial Driveway Approach (PDF)
  20. Streets-9 Cul-De-Sacs (PDF)
  21. Streets-10 Signs (PDF)
  22. Streets-11 Survey Monuments (PDF)
  23. Streets-12 Street Lighting (PDF)
  24. Streets-13 Commercial Historic Street Lighting (PDF)
  25. Utils-1 Utility Installation Trench Detail (PDF)
  26. Utils-2 Standard Street Intersection and Utility Location (PDF)
  27. Utils-3 Lateral and Utility Location (PDF)
  28. Utils-4 Concrete Collar (PDF)
  29. Water-1 Fire Hydrants (PDF)
  30. Water-2 Typical Pipe Thrust Blocking (PDF)
  31. Water-3 Valve Boxes and Collars (PDF)
  32. Water-4 1 Service Connection Trench (PDF)
  33. Water-5 Tracer Wire Installation (PDF)
  34. Water-6A Water Service - Two Lots (PDF)
  35. Water-6A - ALT- Water Service - Two Lots (PDF)
  36. Water-6B Water Service - Single Lot (PDF)
  37. Water-7 Air Vac Release Station (PDF)
  38. Water-8 Blowoff Flush Valve (PDF)