Animal Services

Mission Statement

To ensure that all animals are adopted and have a good home.


HVAS has joined Petco Love in their Vaccinated & Loved campaign!  This campaign is targeted at fighting preventable diseases by providing free vaccines to the dogs and cats in our community. We’re super excited to be a part of this lifesaving effort! 

Vaccines will be available at the Heber Valley Shelter every Friday from 10AM-5PM during the months of June 2023 and July 2023 (while supplies last). 

Effective 10/1/2022:

Due to the rapid growth of the county and limited space, Heber Valley Animal Services will no longer be accepting owner surrenders. If you have an animal you need to rehome, please try reaching out to the following resources here, for help:

There are many additional resources on the internet that can help with behavioral/training issues, pet-friendly housing and affordable veterinary services. If you have any questions or need more resources, please call the animal shelter at 435-654-5727.


The Heber Animal Shelter is a no-kill rescue shelter. Contact the main office at 435-654-5727 for more information about animals. 

HVAS only accepts animals into our shelter, that are from within the Wasatch County Boundaries.  We are not accepting owner surrenders at this time.  All others will be turned away.

Heber Valley Animal Services will not accept any animal that has been adopted from a rescue. If you need to surrender an animal that was adopted from an established rescue group, please contact them to return the animal back to their organization. Most rescues have a clause in their adoption contract requiring the animal to be returned to them if the adopter is no longer able to care for it.

Are you interested in adopting one of our pets, click here to view the pets we have ready for adoption

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  • Cats: $53  (includes adoption fee, microchip, and Rabies Voucher)
  • Kittens: $32  (includes adoption fee and microchip)
  • Dogs: $68  (includes adoption fee, microchip, and Rabies Voucher)
  • Puppies: $32  (includes adoption fee and microchip)
  • Rooster/Hen: $5
  • Rabbit: $15


  • Cats: $15
  • Dogs: $30

LICensing FEES

  • Annual - altered: $20
  • Annual - unaltered: $40
  • Lifetime - altered: $40
  • Lifetime - unaltered: $60

(to license your dog, please bring ID and proof of rabies vaccination for your dog, to the Heber City Treasurers office, located at 75 N Main Street, Heber City, UT.  Payment and tag is issued from Treasurer. )

Dog License

Register and Pay for your Dog License ONLINE.

Dog License

Volunteer Opportunites

Click here to apply to volunteer at the Heber Valley Animal Services Shelter.

Service Projects are available!

Please contact the Shelter for more information.

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