Public Works

What is FOGs?

  • FOGS stands for FATS, OILS, GREASE and SAND.  
  • Click here to learn more about the Heber City FOGS Ordinance.
    It is the number one cause of sewer system blockages in Heber City.  FOGS sticks to the walls of your plumbing and the sewer system and can build up over time.  Eventually, it can block your plumbing or the sewer system.

Pressurized Irrigation Water upDates

Ditch & Pressurized Irrigation Season Start Dates 

Pressurized Irrigation 

The date for Pressurized Irrigation to become available to users will be next Wednesday, May 10th.  (As usual, it will take a few days for the entire system to pressurize & fill.)


Ditch Irrigation will begin on May 15th.

Heber City Public Works would like to remind all residents with access to pressurized irrigation to please remember to turn the valve in their own irrigation boxes (if applicable) to the closed position until they are ready to begin watering in order to prevent leakage as the irrigation mains are activated. Thank you for your cooperation!

 irrigation start date 2022.jpg

Any questions, please call 435-654-3275.