Arts Advisory Committee

TAP Tax Project Guidelines

Supporting and promoting recreational, cultural, arts and 

parks facilities and programs to benefit the Heber valley community.

These funds are meant to aid project and program based activities (art creation, art presentation, cultural activities, recreation facilities and capital projects, recreation programs).

Capital projects are allowed but must be available for public use for at least 10 years. This timeframe may vary depending upon project specifics including dollar amount, estimated useful   life of the capital project etc., this timeframe will be determined before the grant award.

Applicants are required to have a 501(c)(3) status to qualify for a grant. If an applicant (such as a local artist) does not have such status, they are then recommended to partner with an organization that does.

  • The location of the project takes place within Heber city limits
  • Projects must be completed within one year of grant award.
  • Projects must be matched by at least 25% (direct or indirect match)
  • An entity can apply for up to 20% of total funds available for the year. ($_______________)
  • Grant awards will be distributed in two payments, 50% at the time of award and 50% at project completion and final reporting.
  • If the organization has a currently open TAP Tax project, they may apply for a new cycle of TAP Tax funding but won’t be awarded funds until the open project is completed.
  • Projects are required to announce and display that funding was provided by the Heber City TAP Tax Program. 

TAP/Tax funds may be USED for expenditures directly related to:

  • Collections /Exhibits: Acquisitions or public display of items that in part or as a whole are collected or exhibited.
  • Contracted Services: Services obtained through the aid or direction of a second individual or company that are directly related to the project.
  • Salaries that have a direct relation to the project (i.e. an art instructor’s time in preparing and teaching an art program).
  • General administration and overhead costs may be allowed if the applicant can demonstrate a direct relation or need to the proposed project: These costs are limited to a maximum of 10% of the total requested amount. 
  • Marketing/Advertising: Promotion of the organization’s TAP Tax funded project/program.
  • Programs/Performance/Production: Staging of programs, performances, productions, cultural festivals.
  • Projects:  Development of one-of-a-kind or one-time physical item or one-time event
  • Travel/Housing: Travel by organization’s staff for specific projects/programs; travel and housing for performers.


TAP/Tax funds may NOT BE USED for (this list is not exhaustive): 

  •       Accumulated deficits or debt retirement.
  •       Public schools and/or school programs or hiring of temporary or permanent staff.
  •       Lobbying Expenses.
  •       Scholarships, purchase awards or cash prizes.
  •       Regular operations of Magazines or Newspapers.
  •       Activities intended primarily for fundraising.
  •       Rehabilitative or therapeutic programs.
  •       Fireworks.
  •       Rodeos.
  •       Activities that are primarily religious in purpose.
  •       Cash reserves.                           


Projects will be evaluated on:

  • Quality of proposed project.
  • Demonstrated community need. 
  • Benefits to the community.
  • The organization's history, ability to implement project and financial considerations.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Quality of proposed project
    • The quality and clarity of the project goals and design
    • Completeness
    • Value of supporting materials
  • Demonstrated community need 
    • What is the current need of Heber City citizens that this project aims to address?
    • Are other projects or programs already addressing this need?
  •  Benefits to the community
    • The number Heber City residents by age, user group etc. served by the project; 
    • Does this project have the potential to become an influential part of the Community experience in years to come?
    • In what tangible ways will this project benefit Heber City?
  •  The organization's history, ability to implement project and financial considerations
    • The ability to carry out the project based on factors including the appropriateness of the budget, the resources involved, and the qualifications of the project’s personnel
    • History of past City funding

Heber City TAP Tax Grant Application